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88 years of experience in driving school 

It all began in 1934 when Karl Thomas opened a car workshop on Baumgärtnerstraße. His two sons were also fascinated by technology and turned it into a profession. Son Karl became an engineer and son Peter became a master craftsman in the field of motor vehicle mechanics, driving instructor and finally head of the  "Kraftverkehr Bayern", the state training center for driver's licenses. On April 1, 1934, Peter Thomas founded the Thomas driving school on Fuggerstraße. Could the company founder have imagined that the company would exist for another 88 years? Hardly because soon the 2nd World War took its toll. The driving school was completely bombed out in 1944 and it had to be improvised to keep it running. Lessons sometimes took place in the family's living room. A little later the branch in Göggingen was opened.



Remarkable: after the war there was only one driving school that had a truck with a wood gasifier. That also had consequences, because anyone who wanted to drive knew that they would be pretty sooty afterwards. And so an original ritual came about: the boss's wife, Ida Thomas, gave the learner drivers a clean shirt after the driving lesson and gave the washed shirts back to the respective learner driver at the next driving lesson.

Son Peter took over the company in 1963, which after the sudden death of his father in 1960 was temporarily managed by his wife. The driving school was in his hands for 40 years, until 2003, according to good old tradition, when the third Peter took over the business.

Despite the changing times and the fact that driving a car has become a matter of course, father and son love their job very much and proudly manage their fleet, which consists of a modern truck, several cars and motorcycles.

In what is now the oldest family-owned driving school in Augsburg and even Bavaria, many, many learner drivers were trained, including some celebrities such as B. Roy Black. The family wishes for something very simple for the future: that their learner drivers keep the joy of driving for life and remember from time to time that driving a car was something very special.

In the future, the Thomas driving school will have a second seat on Königsplatz in Augsburg, which is not only centrally located, but also continues the history of the driving school. The new branch is currently being renovated and consists of various rooms, such as an inviting classroom and a modern office.

We, the team at the Thomas driving school, are already looking forward to welcoming you there.

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