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Answers to your questions: 

  • How can I view my learning status in the app?
    You can check your learning status by tapping on the round icon with your percentage in the app. Here you will not only find your learning progress with statistics and learning duration....: ...but also the theory and practical lessons you have already attended:
  • In which languages can the app be set?
    The learning programme can be set in all languages that are also offered for the theory exam. -Arabic -German -English -French -Greek -Italian -Croatian -Polish -Portuguese -Romanian -Spanish -Turkish
  • How many driving instructors does the driving school have?
    There are currently 5 driving instructors working in our driving school to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. -Peter Thomas -Nico Thomas -Jörg Borowitzki -Alen Softic -Helga Goller If you want to know more about our driving instructors, take a look at the page "The Team" or click on the link. There you will also find the faces behind the names.
  • What classes does the driving school train?
    We train the following classes: Auto* (B, Bf17, B197, B78) Car with trailer up to 4.25t (B96) Car with trailer* (BE) Moped (M) Scooter* (AM) Motorcycle* (A1, A2, A, B196, A80) Trucks up to 7.5t* (C1) Trucks up to 40t* (C) Truck with trailer * (CE, C1E) (*Driver's license transfers also possible) Other: Advanced seminars (ASF)
  • In which languages is the training possible?
    Most of the training takes place in German. Occasionally, questions can be answered in Croatian, English or German, depending on the driving instructor. Our teaching programme can be changed to all questions in which it is possible to pass the theory test: -Arabic -German -English -French -Greek -Italian -Croatian -Polish -Portuguese -Romanian -Spanish -Turkish The practical examination is held in German.
  • Are there currently restrictions on the number of people in class?
    Currently there is no personal limit. This means that the theory classroom can be used to the full.
  • When do the theory lessons take place?
    You can view which theory classes are taking place today at any time under the Lessons tab. Basic material: Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 19:30 Class specific (A/C/B96): Fridays with existing appointment and registration via our rider lessons.
  • How long does it take to process the application?
    Currently, the processing time on the part of the authorities is about 2 months.
  • What documents are required for registration?
    - ID card or passport - Photograph (biometric) - Eye test (at the optician or ophthalmologist) - First Aid Certificate (- Count )
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