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Class moped / AM / B196 / A1 / A2 / A



Class M entitles the holder to ride bicycles with an auxiliary engine, mopeds or three-wheeled motor vehicles with a maximum design speed of no more than 25 km/h and an internal combustion engine with a capacity of up to 50 cm³ or an electric motor.


Acquiring class AM allows the owner to drive mopeds, mokicks and scooters up to max. 50 cc engine capacity and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Includes the class M driving licence.



The key number B196 is an examination-free extension of the car driving licence to include the driving licence of motorbikes in class A1. However, it should be noted that this key number is only valid in Germany and no upgrade test to the next larger motorbike is possible!


Driving licence class A1 entitles the holder to drive motorbikes with a capacity of up to 125 cc, 15 hp and a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 0.1 KW/kg.

The driving licence class includes class M and AM.



Driving licence class A2 entitles the holder to drive a motorbike with a maximum engine power of 35 kW (48 hp) if the ratio between mass and power does not exceed 0.2 kW/kg. 

The driving licence class includes the classes M, AM and A1.


With the acquisition of Fund A, one may drive motorbikes without restrictions. 

The driving licence includes the classes M, AM, A1 and A2.

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